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Postcards from Betweenity

Exhibition of new works, July 2017

Postcards from Betweenity is a series of digital photocollages exploring the inexplicable place between all the layers of the self.

Using monumentalising, ’typically’ Slovak imagery of landscape, folk dress and brutalist architecture, I explore the clichés of Slovak culture and reflect on my own relationship with my heritage and cultural identity. Manipulating the colour schemes to resemble Ľudovít Fulla’s illustrations of Slovak folk fairy tales (published in 1960s Czechoslovakia), I create environments that feel more like dreams and memories than real places, celebrating the naivety and hopefulness of childhood. The dated imagery used also suggests the feeling of nostalgia. Utilising low quality, early 90s computer art aesthetic, I create my own mythology and visual metaphors. These works can be seen as honest visual diary entries and coloured confessions of the anxieties, fears, and strong feelings of otherness and exploration of the authenticity of a young Slovak artist living and practising in England.

The exhibition was held at BRUSH Gallery, 84 Gloucester Road, Brighton, UK.


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