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Speaking Colour

Selected abstract paintings 2013-2015

I understand and use colour as language and in combination with gesture and title, I aim to compose pieces in which conceptually, colour is more important than the materiality of the paint. The development of my colour language involves social semiotics, colour-coding, synaesthesia and psychology of colour. I use transparent layering and broken paint spatula marks to deliver the emotional quality of colour and through painterly serendipity and controlled geometric structuring I develop a dialogue with each piece. The geometric structure derives from the desire to control. There is a sense of security in the process and

I use it as another expression in my visual vocabulary, just like colour, mark and gesture.

In combination with traditional materials like canvas, it is also an historico-cultural reference to modernist painting and its significance in my research. I use personal subjective responses to my surroundings, historical and current events and social situations in order to capture raw emotion and get to its core. I do not wish to communicate a narrative, rather

I want the viewer to feel the universal emotion captured in my work and relate it to their own narratives.


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